Welcome to 278 Consulting

278 Consulting specialise in the design of Section 278 Agreement works. We support developers, contractors and domestic clients by providing specialist design advice in terms of s278 Agreement works. We also support other consultants who require highway design services to meet project demands and deadlines.


Clients benefit from our extensive experience in designing s278 Agreement works and in preparing technical approval submissions for schemes to be implemented under such agreements. We advise inexperienced domestic clients by guiding them through the s278 Agreement procedures on small projects but are equally capable of supporting experienced developers and contractors with larger highway and junction mitigation schemes. Please have a look at our projects pages to learn more about the highway schemes that we have been involved with and how we assist Clients.


s278 Agreement works can impact significantly upon the timescale and cost of developments. Developers often don’t appreciate that having gained planning permission, they then need to deal with another raft of legislation and procedures. Our experience with this element of development schemes can therefore be key to maximising returns and meeting project deadlines. If you are seeking a better understanding of what is involved with a s278 Agreement then please have a look at our What is a Section 278 Agreement? page which provides details of the timescales and processes involved in such works.


We are always happy to discuss any individual projects and to advise on what actions are required in respect of the s278 Agreement works. Please therefore do not hesitate to get in contact with us.